Postcards from the Future!

UPDATE:  This morning we delivered hundreds of our postcards to the Legislative Assembly in Civic!   All the cards were personally signed by university and school students and members of the community, with messages to MLAs pushing for an emissions reduction target of 40%.

Whistleblowers and Future Postie outside the Legislative Assembly

Posting the cards

Reading the hundreds of messages on the postcards, it is clear that while our Federal politicians and some in the media may have turned their backs on climate action,  there’s still overwhelming interest and support for the issue – especially among young people.

The handover


Here’s to local action and the ACT leading the way!

…This week we are running our ‘Postcards from the Future’ campaign. Our aim is to get the ACT Legislative Assembly to commit to a 40% reduction in emissions by 2020. Here are some photos of the campaign so far…

Postman from the Future

Supporters getting involved.

And here are the postcards!

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